Behold! I have created my own website and blog!

And in doing so, I have ascended to the state of self-importance afforded to every human with an opinion and working Internet connection.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I started my first job at a “real” tech company, but is has actually been over two years since I left RSG and joined Cox Automotive, entering the ever-changing world of digital media, advertising, and automobiles. And in this world of high technology, it is almost blasphemous that I existed for so long without a personal website. Now, I am free to spew my stream of consciousness to the entire world—passing off nonsensical ramblings as deep insights with the help of modern web tools. So don your rain gear, because I intend to spew voluminously.

And so, without irony, I hereby welcome myself to the Internet.

But seriously.

I’ve always placed great value on writing, because I think it makes me a better person.

The act of conferring ideas to text forces me to confront my assumptions and biases. The required critical thinking sometimes results in a changing of my position on a subject, as the act of writing tends to strip away the emotional or tribal aspects of my opinion. Other times, writing helps solidify and justify my thoughts, which is critical for communication, and ultimately, forging friendships and alliances.

Plus, there have been so many instances where I wish I had a historical record of my thoughts. My hobbies and interests change over time, so the ability to go to a younger Jeff for a direct recounting has tremendous appeal.

And so, with the help of Hugo and the blogdown R package1 , I intend to write.

  1. The blogdown package author, Yihui Xie, and I share similar motivations for writing and I credit him with much of the inspiration for me to start this website and blog. ↩︎